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SJC 2012 Early Bird Tickets

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

So, it is almost the end of the year…..

In the new year tickets to the SJC 2012 will go up to the full price of $100.  While this is still a bargain for four days of juggling fun and workshops from such noteables as Get the Shoe and Markus Furtner, if you do want to save some cash (maybe to buy a fashionable HalfBaked tshirt) you will want to buy your ticket now!

As you may also know, we are able to offer such fantastic prices to the SJC because of the support of our friends, families and fans coming to see the Sirkus Circus Show.  So, if you want to show off the great community you are part of let everyone know about the show. 

Tickets are available in the HalfBaked store, or can be bought at