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Exciting Things!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

This last weekend has been very exciting.

First, HalfBaked purchased ourselves a new video camera.  It’s way cool and comes in a case that is bigger than my loungeroom.  I see more DVD productions in our future…

Talking of DVDs, the SJC DVD is coming together and should be out some time in April.  I know it seems like forever but there is a lot of really good footage to be sifted through.

Also, a review of SJC2010 will be in an upcoming edition of Kascade magazine.  Thanks Bob!

Oh, and did I mention that Jay Gilligan was in town?  He performed some new material and taught a workshop.  I told you it was exciting!  He will be in Brisbane doing more stuff this weekend. Yes, I did say Jay Gilligan…